152 - E.N Young - Roots Musician Records

152 - E.N Young - Roots Musician Records

E.N Young, for Reggae Lover podcast episode 153 – one of the most talented musicians from the United States. #REGGAELOVER

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The California reggae scene has been thriving for some time now and vocalist/producer, E.N Young, formerly of Tribal Seeds, has played a significant role in this success. This classically trained pianist who now plays several instruments including the Melodica fell in love with Jamaican music as a youth in San Diego. He talks candidly about his journey as I sought to learn more about the movement he is pushing in the name of reggae.  By the end of our conversation, I definitely saw E.N as an authentic reggae ambassador.

Topics covered In this episode:
1:35 - 2019 Summer Daze Endless Nights Tour
2:21 - 4th studio album, Forest Wilderness released in 2018
3:57 - Working with Kelissa from Jamaica
5:45 - Collabs on the latest album (Half Pint, Peetah Morgan, Inna Vision, Meta and the Cornerstones)
6:56 - Love for playing the Melodica and linking with Addis Pablo
9:33 - Production and instrumentation from Imperial Sound Studios in San Diego
15:25 - Gaining inspiration as a teen (especially spiritual influence) from 70's reggae
20:10 - Resistance from family members and society in general for embracing reggae culture
22:21 - The effects of reggae music on mankind.  

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