166 - Carry On Friends

166 - Carry On Friends

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We had a great conversation about reggae and dancehall with Caribbean podcaster and blogger, Kerry-Ann Reid Brown.  

Kerry-Ann Reid-Brown is the Jamaican born, New York City-based founder of Breadfruit Media; a podcast production company that provides strategy, development, and production of stories by Caribbean Americans on a variety of topics reflecting the diversity of experiences of the Caribbean’s global diaspora.  

She is also the host of Carry On Friends - The Caribbean American Podcast, a show with authentically energetic Caribbean vibes, and thoughtful dialogue around culture, heritage, career, and everyday life that make up the Caribbean American experience. 

When Kerry-Ann isn’t producing or recording episodes, she’s building a community with the Caribbean Podcast Directory which is a growing list of podcasts created by people of Caribbean Heritage whether in the region or in the diaspora. 

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