DJ Kash and Sound System Culture

DJ Kash and Sound System Culture

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Special guest DJ Kash shares his perspective as a DJ/producer who has worked with various artists in the diaspora. 

DJ Kash just released a new single called All Night Long featuring Tifa and is working on his debut EP. We get his take on the industry, artists, culture, and how his contributions propel the music.

During this conversation we uncovered:

• How did the song with Tifa, "All Night Long," come about?

• How was DJ Kash able to champion Caribbean music on ATL commercial radio?

• How did DJ Kash get popular on the ATL club scene and start touring?

• How does sound system culture influence DJ Kash's style of DJing and MCing?

• How did DJ Kash get into music production?

"The best DJs in the world are Caribbean DJs ...because we are the king of genres."- DJ Kash

Buzzworthy, Tastemaker, and Sound Clash Update

[Documentary] Chasing the Sound: Major Lazer - Travel with Major Lazer to Ghana and Nigeria to make the world smaller by making the party bigger. 

[Single] All Night Long by DJ Kash and Tifa.

[Soundclash News] The No Jing Bang clash tournament Grand Final was Saturday, October 10th. Sponsored by the world's #1 DJ software platform Serato, the final featured Tek 9 from Brooklyn versus Kanabis from Antigua.

[Podcast Interview] Sean Paul responds to criticisms for labeling dancehall clash culture as "slavery mentality." 

[Sound Clash Audio] Eagle Force vs Love People vs Super Gold vs Inferno 10/20 (45 Shop Lock) JA ( Finals)

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