How To Make Dancehall And Sound Clash Better Now

How To Make Dancehall And Sound Clash Better Now

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Drew and Iron Voice break down the world of sound clash and how it influences dancehall as a whole. 

The Rumble Talk hosts offer fresh perspectives on many things sound clash and dancehall-related including:

• How they come up with topics and create the magic that is Rumble Talk.

• How to stay relevant during the pandemic.

• A healthy Reggae dancehall ecosystem and the many different important roles.

• Everybody can’t be a DJ, MC, or selector.

• What dictates the new music that gets played in dancehall?

• Does dancehall still set trends?

• Sean Paul’s album, good or no?

• Soundclash was a filter for Dancehall and no longer is.  

• The problem with DJs playing for $100.

• The real difference between the 90s and today's soundclash business.

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