Spotlight: Music & Marriage, The Best of Both Worlds

Spotlight: Music & Marriage, The Best of Both Worlds

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Music and Marriage podcast hosts, Amlak RedSquare and Nikki join the Reggae Lover crew for this episode.

Music & Marriage is a podcast hosted by a dynamic and courageous couple, reggae recording artist Amlak Red Square, and his wife, Nikki Gordon .

Making it in the music industry is hard enough. To do it while juggling a healthy marriage and family is even harder. Despite this, when you love someone you will put in the work needed to be successful.

Nikki and Amlak RedSquare are a young couple trying to navigate through life with three children, becoming entrepreneurs , and pursuing individual careers. Things can get hectic, but they manage to maintain.

On the Music & Marriage podcast, they share personal and general insight on situations that affect and/or impact relationships and marriages.

Visuals for each episode are available on YouTube: AmlakRedSquare Official and the show is on all major podcast platforms.

Amlak RedSquare  as the name suggests is apart of one of Reggae/Dancehall's top schools of music, the Redsquare Camp. Redsquare was founded by reggae icon Spragga Benz, who is also the uncle of Amlak RedSquare and his mentor.

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