Walshy Fire: Prophetic Energy

Walshy Fire: Prophetic Energy

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Our special guest is Walshy Fire from Major Lazer. 

We enjoyed reasoning with someone that AGARD and I have known for decades. Before the podcasts, and before all the fame. If you're not familiar with Walshy Fire I don't know what rock you've been under. He has been everywhere in the world to deejay. 

Walshy Fire talked about the state of the culture. We commented on dancehall, reggae , and business. We talked about soundclash and life in general. We didn't get into a lot of his background. If you want to check into his background, he's done many interviews in the past. If you're looking for that go check out this spot . 

During this conversation, we checked in and started shooting from the hip. The session was militant, and energetic, which is a good combination.

Walshy Fire Reasoning

• How quarantine has changed life.

• The soundtrack to the revolution.

• Soundclash.com and the Quarantine Clash series.

• Upcoming Major Lazer albums, artists, and mixtapes.

• The "Customized Years" book.

• The energy of nightlife versus day parties.

• Influencers standing against destructive music.

• The end of "niggering."

• Highlights for 2020 so far.

Buzzworthy, Tastemaker, and Soundclash Update

• Buju Banton celebrated a birthday. 

• Donovan Jermaine and Buju received their gold record plaques for Til Shiloh. 

• Vice News's mini-documentary: The Story of "It Wasn't Me," by Shaggy.  

• Richie Spice album , "Together We Stand." 

• Hecklers Inc/Di Phoenix page for new and classic sound system audio .

• Clash of the week : Black Roze vs. Natural Vibes vs. Supergold.

• Fanmail from a small town called Dujail, Kenya

• Kahlil Wonda guests on The Vault: Classic Music Reviews podcast review of Til Shiloh.

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