169 - King Addies Music
Reggae LoverNovember 04, 201900:44:0740.4 MB

169 - King Addies Music

An exclusive in-depth interview with selectors Killa Boo and King Pin of King Addies. King Addies is an International Sound System created in 1983 in Brooklyn, New York City. They remain a force to reckon with in the sound clash arena and a top choice for juggling.

Among Topics Discussed in this Episode:


2:15 - The History of King Addies.

5:51 - How Killa Boo became an Addies selector.

9:40 - How King Pin joined the King sound.

13:16 - Earning the trust of Addies fanatical supporters.

18:10 - The dubplate creation process.

19:25 - King Addies Promotions: Welcome to New Lots party & World Fight Club soundclash league.

22:53 - Who is next on Addies kill list.

24:00 - Why the soundclash business is not the same today.

26:35 - Why "big sounds" are afraid to take the battlefield nowadays.

30:53 - Radio movements: World Power Hour & Sunday's w/ Addies HiFi (Selector ObRas)

34:01 - Fall Europe Tour 2019

36:30 - Production: True Dreams Riddim 2019

38:25 - The state of reggae/dancehall music right now

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