Jamaicans Getting Love on Billboard Charts
Reggae LoverAugust 02, 2021x
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Jamaicans Getting Love on Billboard Charts

Jamaicans have reached different parts of the world, generating a sensation with our music, and let me tell you what, Jamaicans get chart love.

Singers like Sean Paul, Shaggy, Sean Kingston, Carl Douglas, and many others have put Jamaica's name rising above with their music. In 2015 an article published by the Billboard Hot 100 positioned these artists as the audience favorites, not only in Jamaica but also internationally. But not everything has to do with artists. Jamaican producers also shine with their talent producing big hits inside and outside the country.

In this episode, we will talk to you about artists, producers, and the economic problems existing in the music world. Is everybody receiving their part of the revenues? Find out in today's episode.


• Tyshane Thompson co-wrote "Having Our Way" with Drake and debuts at 15 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart.

• "CULTURE III" by Migos and "Jordi" by Maroon 5 albums feature Jamaican producers.

• Artists need millions of streams to make a good profit.

• Pandora paid Pharrell Williams just $ 6300 for 105 million plays, which says a lot about the music industry's current state.

• Some of the artists who defined reggae culture were the Marley family, Freddie McGregor's family, and Shaggy. You'll always see the same people on the charts over and over.

• The current population of Jamaica is 2,974,880.

• Producers prefer to work with recognized artists than locals.

• In the United States, there is a higher profit margin for producers than in Jamaica.

• On the creative side, music needs to diversify.

• Currently, in the music industry, there are legal loopholes in copyrights.

• Jamaicans performing on Billboard Top 100 international charts include:

  1. Carl Douglas - Kung fu fighting.
  2. Shaggy - It wasn't me.
  3. Sean Paul - Temperature and Get Busy.
  4. Sean Kingston - Beautiful Girl and You Owe Me One.
  5. Omi - Cheerleader


• "Artist, be true to yourself but, you have to understand this is also a business."

• "Labels they're not gonna work with people who are gonna be wasting their time."


Pandora Paid Pharrell Just $6300 For 105 Million “Happy” Plays

"CULTURE III" by Migos and "Jordi" by Maroon 5 feature Jamaican producers.

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