Reggae LoverAugust 24, 2020x
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Special guest, MC, is the founder of, a top-rated nightlife website. The NiteLifeBuzz media-house provides events photography and promotion services around the world. They publish some most amazing nightlife photos from Caribbean parties. Our conversation fits this season's emerging industry insider theme.

As the proprietor and owner of, MC does many things within the industry. He knows a lot of people and has tremendous insight, especially when it comes to New York City. We talked about partying in Jamaica, reggae music, and much more.

We had a great conversation covering a bit of history in New York and in Jamaica. This had us reminiscing about former online hangouts, and We also drifted back to party life and island excursions when "outside" was open.


The Tastemaker

This season, we have a few bonus episodes coming your way. Check whatever platform that you listen to us on. We'll definitely have great new content for you. Until next time, stay safe. Make sure you find some good reggae music to keep your nerves calm and your mind focused where it needs to be.

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