Reggae is for the Children
Reggae LoverFebruary 10, 2020x
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Reggae is for the Children

Research shows that children who listen to reggae and classical music are more likely to become open-minded. We examine these findings.


  • Bounty Killer gives a talk on avoiding domestic violence.
  • Koffee continues to garner media attention plus other industry trends. 


Skip Marley ft. H.E.R - Slow Down music video.

Soundclash Update:

  • NJ Cup Clash with Soul Supreme defeating King Shine. The fallout from the clash. 
  • Will there be a Little Shabba v Jimmy Spliff?
  • Will we see Dynamq vs Notorious? 
  • NY Clash Sound Top 5, then and now. 
  • Atlanta Clash Sound Top 5. 
  • Soul Supreme vs Innocent (upcoming clash). 
  • Liv Sound back on the road.
  • Supreme Sound wins Put Up or Shut Up tournament in ATL.

Main Segment:

New Study finds Children Who Listen To Reggae Grow to be More Open-Minded as Adults. Exposure to different genres during youth leads to a more diverse palette. Children who attend live music gigs early in life are more open to new activities and seek out live music events later on. Why reggae is so great. Sharing childhood experiences with music.

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