Top Five Juggling Selectors of All Time
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Top Five Juggling Selectors of All Time

The hardest part for any real Reggae Lover is choosing WHO deserves to be in the TOP FIVE.

Hear Kahlil and AGARD’s list of the top five juggling selectors of all time and discover their secrets to success. 

But before they present their list, what do you think it should be? Should technical skill matter the most or the showmanship? How much influence should one have in the selector’s community? Did they forget your favorite juggler?

Here’s their combined list you’ve been waiting for -

Fire Links - Veteran dancehall producer/selector Fire Links brings the heat every night. His 2016 collaboration with Kanye West titled Waves has debuted at number 71 on the Billboard Hot 100.

Walshy Fire - Leighton Paul Walsh (Walshy Fire) is a Jamaican American DJ, MC, and record producer who is better known as part of the dancehall reggae-influenced group Major Lazer alongside fellow DJs Diplo and Ape Drums.

Steelie Bashment - Steelie Bashment ( Dwayne “Steelie Bashment” McKay) is a popular selector from NYC whose Steelie Bashment Sound System set out on a mission to not only play music but to be a leading force in Reggae and Caribbean music entertainment worldwide.

Super Twitch - Dancehall selector who always has electric energy. Twitch rose to prominence as a star on Afrique Sound before going solo.

Rory - Rory Gilligan aka Rory Stonelove! Few have a better reputation for juggling than Rory. He is the long-time anchor of Jamaica’s most celebrated sound system, the Stone Love Movement.

Sky Juice - Sky Juice is a Veteran selector and World-Clash winner, the frontman of Jamaica's Year-to-year sound, Metromedia.

Tony Matterhorn - Tony Matterhorn is a dancehall reggae deejay and sound system selector from Kingston, Jamaica. He was featured on our Top 5 for Sound Clash selectors as well.

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