Wake Up to Reality
Reggae LoverFebruary 15, 2021x
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Wake Up to Reality

Wake up to reality with special guest Ijahknowah who delivers a message to heal, uplift, enlighten, and empower our people and thus the entire humanity.

Wake Up, is the debut EP from Ijahnkowah An B.R.A.P (Black Revolutionary Almighty Perspective). Wake Up is available now. https://album.link/i/1536787110

IJAHKNOWAH AN B.R.A.P. is a Reggae artist and band doing only originals to inform uplift and elevate the masses of the real-life energies.

IJAHKNOWAH was born in the Parish of St. Thomas in Jamaica, located in the Blue Mountain region. IJAH, as he is affectionally called, comes from a family with immense musical talent. His inherited passion for music caused him to listen attentively to his favorite artists such as Peter Tosh, Joseph Hill (Culture), Burning Spear, Count Ossie, Mystic Revelation of Rastafari, Nina Simone, Gill Scott Heron, and Fela Kuti.

He was further influenced by his native music “Mento and Pocomania”. IJAH’s first public performance was at Jamaica’s Agricultural Society Benefit Concert where he performed his own rendition of “Many Rivers to Cross” by Jimmy Cliff. IJAHKNOWAH closely identifies himself with

many of Marcus Garvey’s beliefs and teachings and has remained a true loyal Pan Africanist.

IJAH has always aspired to become a Reggae recording artist with a special message. He began writing his lyrics between the late ’70s and early ’80s. He migrated to the United States in Chicago in 1987 and became the renowned lead singer for ‘Equal Rights Band’. A short time after he founded ‘Natural Force Band’.

IJAHKNOWAH moved to Atlanta in 1998 to produce his first recorded single “Down in Jamaica”, followed by “Free your mind” and “This is the day”, a collaboration with Messenger Selah and Ras Igel. In 2013 he recorded an album with the legendary Dennis (Jah D) Fearon. In 2013 he formed the ‘IJAHKNOWAH AN B R A P’ band.

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