The Roaring Twenties?

AGARD predicts parallels between the Roaring 20s (the decade of the 1920s) and the upcoming post-COVID19 period.

We look back at some of the defining moments and technological advances from the pandemic era.

the roaring 20s

Mentioned in this episode:

  • Bounty Killer vs. Beenie Man has a highlight. Will dancehall be back on the Verzuz platform?
  • World Clash, the final?
  • Addies vs. King Animosity coming up.
  • Atlanta parties have been jam-packed.
  • Kabaka Pyramid had an outstanding year.
  • Reggae Sumfest.
  • Jamaica Jazz and Blues Festival.
  • Will there be a T&T Carnival, Caribana, and Parade on Eastern Parkway this year?
  • Social unrest, George Floyd, and Criminal Justice reform.
  • Top Reggae Podcasts shout-outs.
  • Redman vs Method Man.

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