The Wailers Aston Barrett Jr.

The Wailers Aston Barrett Jr. is the current torch-bearer of his family’s legacy. 

Aston is the son of original Wailers bass guitarist and producer, the iconic Aston “Family-Man” Barrett. The Wailers 2020 album, One World, is nominated for Best Reggae Album at the Grammy Awards.

The Wailers Aston Barrett Jr.

Aston Barrett Jr. of The Wailers shared gems of knowledge about music and life.  

We talked about his training and the process that led to his role as bandleader. He explained his philosophy on religion and how the Marleys and his father helped to shape that. 

We learn about the Grammy-nominated album, One World, and his experience working with Emilio Estefan.

Listen for some fresh perspectives on these serious times.  

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