Top 5 Dancehall Riddims of All Time

We count down our all time favorite dancehall riddims in this Top 5 Dancehall Riddims of All Time episode.

reggae lover podcast top 5 dancehall riddims
Reggae Lover Podcast Top 5 Dancehall Riddims

For the first time ever both co-hosts present one unified Top 5 list. It turns out to be a fascinating discussion on this very debatable topic.

Thank you for your patience in waiting for this delayed-release as the Reggae Lover team has juggled multiple projects this fall. The next episode will bring season 8 to a close. Big up to all reggae lovers worldwide. We dedicate this podcast to you.

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  • I definitely don’t agree with the top 5 you came up with. Although honorable mention was made of the Jammy’s catalog, I feel at least one of Jammy’s riddims should have made it to the top 5. Then I feel the Joy Ride riddim should have definitely made the cut, but was not even mentioned. Pepper Seed riddim was also not in there, but feel like that should have at least gotten honorable mention. I am more of a 80’s/90’s girl, but if you wanted to include a 2000’s riddim, I feel the Military riddim should have been in there, or Martial Arts. And here are some other riddims I feel should have been considered: Mud Up, Giggy, Arab Attack, Action, Mad Dog, Batty Rider, Hardware and Lumber, Dickie, plus many more, but don’t want the list to get too long. And as far as I am concerned Sleng Teng, Stalag, Answer, Heavenless, etc are dancehall riddims too and come before any of these riddims.

      • Thanks for responding to my comment. Much appreciated! And most of all thanks for doing the podcast! Definitely should have thanked you in my initial comment, but in the heat of the moment it was overlooked. My bad! Big up, Jah guide, Bless!

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