Top 5 Dancehall Sound Systems of All Time

Season 8 debuts with an overdue Top 5 list from the Reggae Lover hosts – their Top 5 Dancehall Sound Systems of All Time.

This is the first and only time ever that Kahlil Wonda and AGARD had the same TOP Five.

top 5 sounds of all time
Top 5 Sounds Of All Time

We discuss the criteria used in selecting these top reggae sounds aka DJ teams. These lists include juggling sounds, clash sounds, Jamaican-based sounds, “Foreign” sounds, foundation/rub-a-dub sounds, and all-purpose sound systems. Respect goes out to all the Jamaican Sound Systems out there and of course all the fans.

Top 5 Dancehall Sound Systems

Top 5 Dancehall Sound Systems
Top 5 Reggae Sounds

During this analysis the need for a separate top selectors list became apparent. Look out for that topic to be covered in-depth during a separate upcoming episode. Also, moving forward we will be adding the video format so look out for links to those shows on our Youtube channel.

Mentioned in this discussion: Downbeat The Ruler, LP International, King Addies, Stone Love Movement, Killamanjaro, Bass Odyssey, Kozmik Movements, Studio One, Stur Mars, Mighty Crown, Highlanda Sound, King AP, King Stur Gav, Afrique, King Jammys.

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